Services/Web Site Development - Our Process

The process for most web site design and redesign projects follows the steps below. For small business sites, see our small business web design process.

The process is also outlined below in more detail:

  1. Client completes questionnaire for initial needs analysis
  2. Client and Stellar Communications (SC) review functionality needs and discuss of top-of-mind options for ASPs or custom programming.
  3. SC conducts research into ASPs/CMSs, if needed:
    1. Research proposal
    2. Current site functionality assessment
    3. Detailed needs documentation
    4. Research
    5. Report Matrix
    6. Recommendations
  4. If custom programming is needed, SC writes RFP and submits to programmers.
  5. SC creates written project proposal outlining stages and pricing. ASP/CMS and/or programming bids are also presented at this time.
  6. SC writes timeline
  7. Client, writer or SC creates site outline
  8. Client or writer develop site copy
  9. Art for site is gathered or developed (logos, photos, illustrations, etc.)
  10. SC presents design concepts for client feedback
  11. SC creates XHTML+CSS template(s) from finalized concept(s) and conducts browser testing
  12. SC plugs template(s) into ASP/CMS development system, if applicable
  13. SC performs page production
  14. SC coordinates Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if requested
  15. SC conducts quality assurance and forms testing
  16. Client reviews site
  17. Site launch on designated date
  18. SC conducts basic search engine registration
  19. SC and client make training or ongoing maintenance arrangements
  20. Promotional activities surrounding launch discussed and implemented by client or SC.



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