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The following timeline is a rough estimate of how long the design and development process takes for most static small business web site design or redesign projects. Your timeline will vary according to:

Info gathering
1 week

Information gathering – The following information is needed to as we start the project:

  • FTP settings –We need File Transfer Protocol login information for your existing server or new hosting account. If we are setting up hosting, you will be sent an email from the new host that you will need to forward to us.
  • Site map – The hierarchy of pages or outline of your site. In some projects, you provide this while in other instances we may be working together to create this.
  • Likes and dislikes – It is always helpful to have a list of sites that you like and don’t like and the reasoning behind your assertions.
  • Home page copy – Initially, we just need home page copy to create the design concept. Eventually, we’ll need all copy provided for the site as well. If your organization is preparing your own web site copy, please download a copy of Tips on Developing a Site Outline and Content for Your Web Site (PDF file). Should you desire writing assistance, check out our list of expert copywriters.

Design Concepts
1 week

Initial home page design concept(s) - will be provided within one week after home page copy has been sent to Stellar Communications.

Design concept edit rounds - Most clients go through two or so editing rounds before we reach a final concept. This part of the process can take a week to two weeks, depending upon how fast your feedback is provided as well as Stellar Communications' current workload. Edits are expected and welcome! Note that most changes to the design (with the exception of body copy text) after the next step is completed will incur additional costs. So as much thought as possible should be put into the creation and editing of the initial design concept.

Page creation and publishing
approx. 1 week

Page creation - Once the HTML template is finalized, actual page creation on your server can begin. Depending how ready the copy and graphics are to go, this process can take about a week. Forms will also be done at this time assuming copy has been provided.

Editing/Form Testing - Once your site pages have been posted, you’ll have two chances to edit the copy. Once your edits have been communicated (preferably in writing via marked up printouts via fax or sent as a correction list via email), we’ll make the edits and give you another opportunity to check out the pages to make sure the edits were made to your satisfaction. We’ll also test the forms to be sure they work they way you envisioned them to.

Publishing – Once everything has been tested and approved, we will make the site will “go live” by moving some files into place.

Additional Functionality

Often clients will want additional functionality to add to their web sites such as members only areas, community discussion areas, or customized HTML enewsletter templates. We will provide you with a time estimate for these items at your request. Most items typically take a week or less to install and configure.

Promotion and Training

Search Engine Registration and SEO - For new sites, we will do minor search engine submission with and SEO (search engine optimization) and search engine submission referrals are available on our Resources/Partners page if you are interested in gaining higher search engine rankings.

Training - For clients who wish to be able to do their own site updates, we are happy to train you (customers local to the greater Austin, Texas area) at your location on the use one or more tools to edit your site: Adobe Contribute, the content management system (such as WordPress) we installed for you, and/or your mass email system. Most people can learn how to use one of these programs within one to two hours. We also offer training on sizing and cropping images for use on your site as well.


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