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Any organization can benefit from having an e-newsletter or HTML email template to communicate with prospects, customers or members. Both are extremely cost-efficient branding and sales tools, but each can and should be used in distinct ways to communicate with your audience.

Like its print counterpart, e-newsletters establish a rapport with your clients and build customer loyalty while reinforcing key communications messages. Since printing costs are not a factor, e-newsletters are an incredibly efficient way to remind customers or prospects of your organization’s services or products. Many clients choose to include e-newsletter signups on their web site as a way to build their prospect and/or customer database.

E-newsletters should be used to deliver information, demonstrate customer successes, and amplify your organization’s story. They are not sales tools. Their tone should be informative, business-neutral and professional. E-newsletters should not be used to promote specific products or services outright.

E-newsletters can be distributed through distribution providers or through many internal email systems. Major e-newsletter distribution providers include, and Each has advantages and disadvantages, but from $10 to $50 per month and up, all of these providers:

You can also use Microsoft Outlook to send an e-newsletter with no monthly charges, but you will not receive the above benefits. In addition, you would need to either create a template or have us create one for you. See emails we have done for other clients.

What it costs…
Click the links to the distribution vendors as listed above for their cost info. We charge $600 and up to create a custom-branded e-newsletter template for integration into one of the distribution vendors mentioned above. The newsletter content would be editable by non-technical staff for updates and sending future issues. Assistance with integration of email lists, help with the first issue distribution and training are available for an additional $150 and up.

If you plan on only distributing your newsletter via Outlook, we charge $300 and up to create the initial template. Note that graphical HTML emails from Outlook will not appear correct for users of text-based email programs and AOL recipients.

HTML Email (Promotions and E-Postcards)
HTML emails may look similar to an e-newsletter template, or they may be very distinct. Like their direct mail counterparts, HTML email is useful for one-time communications or a promotional campaign. HTML emails may contain graphics, photos, time-sensitive offers and usually include links to a web page hosted on your site to gather customer information or complete a transaction.

HTML emails are distributed in virtually the same way as e-newsletters – through a trusted distribution provider or through email systems such as Outlook Express. They can also be archived on your web site and included in the body of an email.

What it costs…
Stellar Communications charges $300 and up to create an HTML email for either distribution from Outlook or a vendor. A web page archive is included in that price. If you use a distribution vendor, assistance with integration of email lists, help with the first issue distribution and training are available for $150 and up.

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